The Solomon-Browne and its Crew stationed at Penlee, Cornwall

Most of the Crew came from the village of Mousehole


The Coxswain, William Trevelyan Richards, was posthumously awarded the RNLI’s Gold Medal.
Bronze Medals were awarded posthumously to the remainder of the crew:-
Second Coxswain/Mechanic - James Stephen Madron 
Assistant Mechanic - Nigel Brockman
Emergency Mechanic - John Robert Blewett 
Crew Members - Charles Thomas Greenhaugh, Kevin Smith, Barrie Robertson Torrie and Gary Lee Wallis.

Solomon-Browne - this article was published in the Cornishman in December 2006, and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (file is 1.6Mb).


The History of the Penlee can be seen on the RNLI website.

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